Let’s find out more about our Bronze Level Hair Stylist Stacie who has been hairdressing since 2009 and joined the GREAT hairdressing team in June 2014.

What do you love about your job? I enjoy colouring, particularly colour correction as it is more creative. It’s always great to see the end result.
Whose hair would you love to get your hands on and why? Cheryl Cole as I like how her hair is big and bouncy.
Do you have a particular area of expertise? Hair colour because clients like having a change with colour so it makes the whole look more interesting and creative.
What are your ambitions? To work my way up and become better.


What’s your favourite look?  Big and bouncy hair and messy choppy hair

Who or what inspires you in hair and fashion? Everything inspires me. I don’t have a set fashion I follow because I love it all.