Hair Parties

GREAT Hair Parties

How about a girl’s night in?The most fun you can have with your hair

– A night off           check
– Babysitter           check
– Ready for fun     check

In salon party nights are a way to learn how to make the most from your hair, but with a twist;
Here’s what to do:-

  • Invite 4-8 of your friends, family or colleagues to join you. (Minimum of 3 who have not been to GREAT hairdressing)
  • The salon will send you an invitation to the event for an evening of your choice.
  • You and your friends bring all the tools, products and any other equipment you use on a regular basis to do your hair. Hair dryers, smoothing irons – don’t worry we have seen it all, electric heaters, dog combs, baby shampoo!)
  • After an introduction to the team of designers, you will be allocated your own personal style advisor. Their role will be to observe you. Your style advisor will ask you to shampoo your hair with your own products, they will watch you and note what you do every step of the way, but will say nothing at this point. They will then escort you back to the mirror where they will watch you again as you style your hair with your own products and tools to create your every day look .

So many times we hear our guests telling us they cannot replicate the look their stylist achieves, therefore whilst we observe you, we can see firsthand where you need coaching. It might be the way you hold your brush; it might be the wrong products you are using. Nevertheless, all will be revealed!

  • Armed with this vital information, we can now address your areas of concern and start you on your road to GREAT looking hair every time. At this point, your style advisor will then discuss his/her findings via an in-depth consultation and give you a step-by-step introduction on how she recommends you care for your hair.
  • Finally your hair will be professionally cleansed, moisturised and blow dried by your style advisor. Using the highest quality products and tools as well as encouraging you to ‘have a go’. As you can imagine, this is a fun evening where our priority is teaching you and helping you achieve GREAT results.
  • At the end of the evening, you will be presented with
*A complimentary ‘MY HAIR MAKEOVER’ voucher (valued at £27) for a friend*The gift of a complimentary My Hair Makeover and ‘LUXURY CUT & FINISH’ worth £57 for any party guest who is new to GREAT hairdressing*10% off any take home purchases on the night.To arrange your hair party email [email protected]