Complimentary Hair Makeover Consultations

Hair Makeover Consultations

hair makeover at GREAT Hairdressing

We offer complimentary hair makeover consultations at GREAT hairdressing.

During your 15-20 minute consultation we will encourage you to discuss any hair issues or successes you’ve had.  During this in-depth hairstyle review we will also show you pictures of hairstyles and hair colours that may suit as well as those which you should avoid.

Your hair makeover consultation will also include a face shape analysis.   Perhaps you’ve had a celebrity haircut in the past which simply did not suit you…  Now’s the time to find out why! By analysing your face shape, we will identify what will and what will not suit you.

A colour analysis will look at the right hair colour for you.  Our expert will analyse your skin tone to help you to choose a fantastic hair colour that complements your skin tone and eye colour.

A condition assessment will assess the condition of your hair.  Healthy hair looks good, and the colour will hold its depth and vibrancy much longer. Sometimes quality products are enough to treat damaged hair.  Otherwise you might want to try an in-salon hair treat.

We will also discuss home styling with you, including the right products to keep your hair looking fabulous and the best way to use the latest hair care and styling products.

Simply fill in your details below and one of our hair makeover consultants will contact you to arrange a convenient appointment for you.