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A Guide to Pregnancy Hair Care from Great Hairdressing salon in Kent


At Great Hairdressing we’re here to help you with your pregnancy hair concerns.  In this simple guide we explore all areas of maternity hair care and answer some of your most pressing questions.

The good news is that many expectant mums enjoy thick, glossy hair during pregnancy because the higher levels of oestrogen in your body prolong the hair growth phase, resulting in the luxurious pregnancy hair often seen on famous mums-to-be.

Problem pregnancy hair

Your ever-changing hormones can also wreak havoc with your hair.  One minute your hair can be greasy, while the next you will have dry and brittle hair.  Sometimes pregnant women with curly hair can even find it straightening a little, while straight haired pregnant women can experience curls! 

If your hair is misbehaving please come and talk to our experts at Great Hairdressing so we can help you.

Colouring your hair when pregnant

Most mums-to-be prefer to wait until their second trimester (after week 12) before using chemical hair treatments during pregnancy.  Many GPs will also advise you wait before having a hair treatment such as a colour, perm, straightening or smoothing hair treatment while pregnant.

Interestingly, according to the NHS, it is probably safe to colour your hair when pregnant as the level of chemical coming into contact with your scalp is low.  If you decide to dye your hair while pregnant, consider highlights, lowlights or semi-permanent dyes during pregnancy as there is less chemical contact with your scalp.

Please read the NHS’s guidelines on colouring your hair when pregnant here.

Hair loss after childbirth

It is not unusual for some women to experience hair loss after giving birth.  Your hormones are to blame for this and once your oestrogen levels have settled your hair will also begin to recover. If you are concerned about hair loss or any other pregnancy issues, please consult with your GP.

Here at all our Great Hairdressing hair salons we know that post-pregnancy hair loss can be a concern.   Take heed of these tips to help you reduce stress on your hair during pregnancy and after childbirth.

·                     Avoid tight plaits, cornrows, hair weaves and ponytails

·                     Be gentle with your hair, particularly when it is wet

·                     Use hair dryers and other heated styling tools on a cool setting.

Hairstyles for pregnant women & yummy mummies

Being pregnant during the summer months can be a difficult time.  Not only are you tired from carrying your baby but you’re also coping with the hot weather too!  

If your hair is long enough, wear it up occasionally.  Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Kourtenay Kardashian all wear great hair upstylesOr consider simplifying your hairstyle with a short crop like Selma Blair, a blunt bob featured on Katie Holmes or go for Gisele’s tousled pregnancy hairstyle.

Gift ideas for pregnant women and new mums

Our beauty experts at Great Hairdressing offer top-class beauty services including facials, manicures and pedicures, gel nails, eyebrow shaping, eyelash tinting and eyelash perming.  So whether you want relaxation or rejuvenation, you can get it all at Great Hairdressing beauty in Tunbridge Wells.

We also offer Great Hairdressing gift cards which make a great gift for pregnant women and new mums. Decide how much you want to put on the gift card and leave it to the recipient to decide which treatment works best for her. For more information click here.

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