NEW GHD Curve Wand

NEW GHD Curve Wand


NEW GHD curve wand creates natural looking curls and deep waves and come in 4 different shapes and sizes.


You can say goodbye to burnt fingertips too, the very tip of the GHD curve wand has a protective casing so you can hold the wand securely when wrapping your hair.

Whether at home or on holiday you can take your wand every you go and see get the same power with it’s universal voltage.


Most importantly it has an automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes of not being used.

GHD Curve WandGHD Curve Wand  GHD Curve Wand

Each GHD Curve Wand comes complete with a free heat protective glove and limited edition rose gold heat mat and roll bag.

Available in our Maidstone, Corn Exchange salon. Limited availability.

RRP £110.00