Let us colour your world

Let us colour your world

Even as a hairdresser, walking into a chemist and choosing a hair colour is mind boggling…(unless you are the model on the front of the box).

Hair colour comes in many guises.
Along with the more ‘well known’ services such as root regrowth and highlights, you will find more natural, tone on tone colours which are perfect for those of you that want ‘colour without commitment’.

GLOSSING is one of these services. Permanent colour, as a rule, will penetrate into the centre of your hair and stay there. With a GLOSSING, we use a different catalyst, which allows the colour molecules to rest on the outside of the hair. This means you can decide on the intensity of the tone. You might want a GLOSSING purely to refresh an existing colour. Even on your natural hair, GLOSSING will give a colourless sheen, which can last up to 12 shampoos.
Although GLOSSING is not designed to colour grey hair, you will get a slight blending effect, ideal for you colour shy fashionistas out there!!

TONERS are also a colour service not many people know about.
If you have ever experienced highlights that have not quite been the colour you desired, then a TONER is the one for you. We use TONERS on pre-lightened hair to counteract unwanted tones.
EG. If your highlights appear to ‘golden’ or ‘yellowish’ we will apply a platinum/violet based TONER. This will give your hair a more neutral effect.

For more on hair colour services, check out our hair colour at Great Hairdressing Salons for inspiration.

Brand new to the market is Paul Mitchell’s PLATINUM BLONDE shampoo. This shampoo is actually purple in colour, but don’t be put off…it gently removes unwanted gold tones and leaves a beautiful beige/creamy tone behind. Ideal to spruce up and refresh old highlights or even on a weekly basis, use it to maintain the colour your stylist achieves in the salon.

WHICHEVER colour you go for, it is a huge investment from you with your time, and your money. Therefore it is really important to use quality ‘COLOUR Care’ products as advised by your stylists.
Colour Care products have lots of benefits
• Low ph, which allows a gentle wash.
• High quality ingredients
• Concentrated formula, will last longer
• Low lather content, again to pro long the life of your colour
• UV filters and protection against ‘free radicals’

Answer this question…would you buy a £150 jacket from your favourite store and wash it with Daz????
Thought not!