Winter Top Tips Continued...

Winter Top Tips Continued…

Winter Top Tips Continued…

3. WIDE TOOTH COMB. Hair is at its most fragile state when wet. Nothing more sends shivers down my spine when combing through my guests hair and they say say “Oh I just pull a big brush through it to get the knots out, it takes 2 seconds”

“Noooo…STOP” is my reaction. No matter what your hair type long or short, straight or curly always use a wide tooth comb and start from the very ends of your hair and work towards your scalp is the secret to getting out those knots.

If needed mist from a distance (about 30cm or an arms length) a little REDKEN All Soft supple touch throughout your hair, this adds more moisture and will allow your comb to glide seamlessly from root to tip.

Plus you’re not going to break or cause damage to your hair in the process, it takes just half the time to be completely Knot FREE.


4. LUXURY CUT AND BLOWDRY. Fancy a whole new style? Growing your hair? It’s the same answer for both questions. A cut and blowdry every 6-8 weeks is going to keep your hair at its best.

A short pixie crop keeps your hair in perfect shape and bang on trend all year round.

Keep that spring in your step, curls need TLC too, extra moisture and regular maintenance with your hair designer will keep those curls at bay and shape just right.

Smooth and sleek, yes you’ve guessed it’s the 20th century poker straight bonanza. With continuous washing and hot, hot styling tools your hair will be screaming for some pampering and a nice deep conditioning mask.


Enjoy a Luxury Cut and Blowdry at GREAT hairdressing this includes a deep conditioning in salon spa treatment for that ultimate moisture, shine and relaxasation.

Because you deserve gorgeous hair…

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Stay tuned for more Top Winter Tips coming straight to you