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Last minute party plans, last minute dinner dates, all catered for with fabulous hair. The party season is all about fun, having gorgeous hair is part of your wardrobe, but sometimes your hair can let you down. So here are our top three tips for GREAT hair whatever the occasion.


Tip one:
Talk to your stylist. Sounds obvious,but this is most important. They can advice you on how to get your hair ready quickly for that all important evening, not only that but they love to do it. They can advice you on dry styling, products and accessories.
Tip two:
Let GREAT hairdressing get you ready in 30 mins. Take advantage of the blow dry bar and for £20 we will have you looking gorgeous and glamourous.
Tip three:
Dont forget to pack in your handbag that all import Freeze and Shine or Spray Wax to give your hair a lift halfway through the evening.
Tip four:
If you have invested time and money in a GREAT colour this Christmas look after your hair the way we would…only shampoo your hair once…always use Colour Protect products like Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily shampoo & conditioner and TIGI Colour Savvy products
Tip five:
When you come to GREAT Hairdressing to have your hair ‘put up’, whatever the occasion, take our advice and do not shampoo your hair before coming. If your hair is a day or two since its last shampoo, don’t worry, it will hold its ‘up style’ much better.
Tip six:
Regardless of what service you are having, always ask your Hair Designer to show you some pictures. The images you choose will really ensure that you and your Designer are on the same ‘wavelength’ which means you will get the haircut/colour you really want!
Tip Seven:
GHD curls are again, very popular this party season. Get the most out of them by following in the footsteps of your grandma! Yep, thats right, wearing a hairnet in bed will maintain the curls and waves through the night.
Tip Eight:
If after that GREAT haircut, you are struggling to achieve the same look at home with your hairdryer, then work your dryer like the professionals. Always use a nozzle, dry your roots first before the ends and finally blast your hair with a cold finish to ‘set’ your blowdry.
Tip Nine:
Guys, You have listened to your Hair Designer’s advice and you have bought TIGI Manipulator or Paul Mitchell Wax Works but do you manage to recreate the look at home? To help with achieving the same effect, always place the product right through your hair, roots to tips before actually pulling your hair into shape.
Tip Ten :
Understand the life cycle of your haircut. Don’t wait until it has completely grown out. Your hair is a living thing and will not stay looking this good forever! Book your next appointment before you leave the hairdressing salon. This will enable you to maintain the same GREAT haircut consistently.


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