How to protect your hair this winter

How to protect your hair this winter

How to protect your hair this winter

We tend to think our hair has a tough time with the chlorine and sunlight through summer, but winter can also be just a testing with the cold bitter winds and central heating frizzing those locks and drying our scalps.

Try and follow some GREAT hairdressing salons top tips to protect your hair and keep it at its best this winter.

You never know you may just notice something a little different with your style.

1. AIR DRY. Try not to dry your hair as soon as you have washed it, if you can and have some time let the air dry your hair naturally a little first. Then finish off styling as normal with your hair dryer, making sure you keep it at a lower heat than normal.

2. STAY MOISTUIRSED. Visit GREAT hairdressing once a month for a prescriptive deep conditioning mask designed to suit your hairs needs. This will help keep intense shine and your frizzy locks at bay.

Not in your budget?  No problem.  REDKEN Heavy Cream is a deep conditioning mask that can easily be applied at home sitting and watching your favourite programme. Leave the Heavy Cream on for a minimum of 10 minutes, this enables the mask to work right through into the core of your hair. It leaves your hair with intense softness and lasting shine.

More top winter tips will be added throughout November so keeping checking in