Give us a challenge - we love it

Give us a challenge – we love it

Dear Greats/ Stephanie
I just had to write to explain why Stephanie deserves congratulations and 5*Give us a challenge - we love it

• I had an invite to a fancy dress code 50th birthday party at Claridges in London ..Raj style.. and intended to go as an 18th century diplomat. I mentioned this to Stephanie when she was cutting my hair a week ago and she said:
o “Do you know what you want?”
o “No?”
o “Bring me in some pictures and I’ll have a think”
• So, courtesy of Wikipedia’s 18/19th century fashion pictures, Stephanie had a think and on Saturday
o She took my shoulder length layered blonde hair and
o turned it into an 18th century gents formal court hairdo. complete with
 curly ponytail from the top and back and
 three “horizontal barrel curls” on each side
o and made it “bombproof” with spray so it
 made it completely intact to Claridges,
 set my costume (tails, 18th century neckcloth(forerunner of bow tie and so on) off perfectly and
 caused great entertainment and interest- particularly in the debate about whether I was wearing a perfect and very expensive wig or was it my own hair, and “but you couldn’t get something that complex done in an ordinary hair salon”
So,many congratulations to Great Hairdressing and Stephanie – You clearly are not “just an ordinary salon!”

Anyhow- Many Thanks and Very Well Done