Hair Smoothing

Nanokeratin Hair Smoothing at GREAT hair salon in Tunbridge Wells

NANOKERATIN BEFORE AND AFTER HAIR SMOOTHING, hair salons in kent and sussexAre you fed up with dry, frizzy hair?  If you’re longing for long-lasting smoother, silkier hair, you’ll be delighted to learn about the incredible hair smoothing treatment available at your local GREAT hairdressing salon.

The Nanokeratin System produces healthier, smoother and shinier hair and works on all hair types including dry, unruly and frizzy hair, and hair that has been coloured.  For optimum results, it should be applied on the same day your hair is coloured so that it locks in shine and colour.

The treatment is designed to work with your hair’s texture so the results will depend on your hair type and condition and your GREAT hairdressing stylist can advise you on what to expect.

It will leave it looking smoother, shinier and healthier and it will eliminate frizz!  The results last for up to 12 weeks and you’ll love the fact that your hair styling time is dramatically reduced!

Nanokeratin Home Hair Care Products

Keep your hair looking its best with the latest range of hair care products from Nanokeratin. The nanoSmooth range includes shampoos, conditioners, masks, primers and creams designed for every hair type and need.

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