Hair Cuts & Styles

Hair Cuts & Styles at GREAT hairdressing salon in Tunbridge Wells 

GREAT hairdressing salon in Tunbridge Wells is highly regarded for having expert stylists who will work with you to create the perfect hair cut and hair style.

We have a passion for our work so you can be guaranteed an amazing service as well as extraordinary, focused stylists with industry recognised skills.   Always on top of the newest trends, the experts at GREAT hairdressing can help you understand the latest hairdressing looks and top celebrity and catwalk trends.

Years of devoted experience, talent and accurate cutting skills are key to creating the best haircut and hair style for you.  Which haircuts and hairstyles will suit your face shape? Will your busy lifestyle keep you from finding the time for daily hair styling and hair maintenance? Which hair styles will you be able to recreate each morning? 

These hairstyle questions can all be answered in a one to one consultation with your stylist at GREAT hairdressing.  By understanding more about you and your lifestyle we can create the best hair style or hair colour for you.

Whether you have long hair, shoulder-length hair, medium hair or short hair, at GREAT hairdressing salons we will find the perfect hairstyle and hair cut for you.

Hair Cuts and Hair Styles for Short Hair

Your initial one to one consultation at GREAT hairdressing is now complete and it’s time to begin your hair restyle and transformation!  If you are looking for short hair cuts and hair styles, we love pixie crops, graduated bob, and short elfin chopped hair – just a couple of examples of  short hair cuts and styles that could be perfect for you. By adding in texture with tousled waves, adding volume by backcombing a bob, or throwing in a new statement fringe can also make your new short hair cut and hairstyle really stand out.  With short haircuts and hair styles, our experts know how important it is to really maintain your appointments with a regular visit every 6 weeks to keep your short hair cut in the finest condition possible.

Hair Cuts and Hair Styles for Shoulder Length Hair

There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to choosing a hairstyle for medium length hair or shoulder length hair cuts.  Finding out more information on your lifestyle and personality can help your stylist guide you on the best hair cut and style possible for mid length hair. If you’re active and often tie back your hair at work or to exercise, then avoiding layers which are too short is a good idea so that your hair can fit into a bobble/hair tie.  If you want to colour your hair with highlights or lowlights then your GREAT hairdressing stylist may suggest opting for a full head of highlights rather than half to guarantee an even coverage whatever your hairstyle.

Hair Cuts and Hair Styles for Long Hair

Hairstyles for long hair are virtually limitless.  The trend for braids and plaits is still as popular as ever. Long hairstyles can be as formal or as casual as you like.  One length long hair worn down looks fantastic if it is kept in tip-top condition with regular cuts and conditioning treatments.  For a more styled, fashioned look add in some layers to long hair and finish with a popular bouncy salon-perfected blow dry so you look like you’ve just stepped off the red carpet! Long hair is also perfect for creating upstyles, both sophisticated or more informal.  Curls also work well with long hair and we love spiral wanded curls and beachy waves.

If you are longing for more length in your own hair why not opt for the ever popular method of hair extensions – guaranteed to add length and thickness to your own natural hair.  We can create a fantastic new look for you with Balmain Hair Extensions.  Our stylists love working with the team at Balmain as they have been sourcing, selecting and processing the best hair extensions in the world for the past 40 years.  Check out our Hair Extensions page for more information.

Haircuts & Hairstyles at GREAT hairdressing salon, Tunbridge Wells

GREAT hairdressing hair salon will always look to create the perfect hairstyle and hair cut for you.  Book online or visit our salon at Hoopers Department Store in Tunbridge Wells.